Jordana F | New York, USA

When I first saw Dakota Deller's work, I thought it was too good to be true. The collection was everything I had always wanted in jewelry. The color of the stones are vibrant, unique and the perfect combination of strong statement with an elegant look.

I immediately contacted Dakota and he was by far, the nicest designer and artist I have ever worked with. So gracious, Dakota spent hours sending me photos and videos, never once bothered by my indecisiveness. I couldn't make up my mind not because I was on the other side of the globe, but because I loved ALL of his pieces.

Dakota's knowledge of jewelry and design past and present astounds me. His stones are cut in a way that makes them sparkle in any light. The rings are so well-made that, unlike other jewelry I have purchased in the past, I am not worried about wearing them or having a stone fall out. The prongs are strong and the bands are thick but still look and feel delicate.

I don't need or want to look anywhere else for jewelry now that I have found Dakota's collection. I will keep saving up for his pieces because they are even more stunning in person and each one is unique and the work of such a skilled artist that I consider them an investment that I will pass on to my children one day.

The rings make me so happy every time I look down at my hands. The packaging is so beautiful and he makes the experience such a pleasure from the initial contact to when the package arrives. He wrote such a sweet note with the box. Unveiling the stunning jewelry once opening the box is such an amazing surprise that I actually feel like I'm receiving a gift.”


Erin M | Las Vegas, USA 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY NEW ROCK! I couldn’t be happier! It’s so freakin’ perfect!!! Thanks so much! If you are even trying to decide a yes or no on anything this designer has... THE ANSWER IS YES! Super professional! Great customer service! Super quick to answer all my questions! Got my beautiful ring super fast and super perfect! I can’t even put into words how much I love my new ring!”


Amanda L | Illinois, USA

I love the elegance of Dakota's designs so I contacted Dakota to custom order a ring. Dakota himself is a gem to work with; he gave me several design and pricing options and was very helpful in directing my choice of gemstone and shape/cut.

I was updated on the progress of my ring along the way, with the ultimate video/photo sneak peek upon completion! I received my ring within a week of its completion, and I could truly not believe my eyes when I opened the ring box. The ring is perfect and I'm absolutely thrilled to wear it forever!


Jiazi L | Connecticut, USA  

As many of the happy customers said, making purchase from Dakota is a delightful experience. Dakota is an artist who believes the beauty of simplicity. The ring is simply presented, thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted.

The stone has the most exquisite color, just like its name. I’m glad that Dakota custom made this ring for the important milestone of my life. I’m looking forward to add more of his creations to mark the highlights as life continues. To be continued.”


Michelle P | Auckland, New Zealand 

I purchased one of Dakota’s ring’s today and it is unique and breathtaking. He uses hand cut stones and the facets shine in the light like no other piece I have seen. You can see that he has made the jewellery with love. Dakota’s pieces are excellent value for money and a must have. If you buy one of these pieces online you will not be disappointed. Highly recommend the quality and beauty of these pieces of art!”.


Monique L | California, USA 

This ring is absolutely GORGEOUS! I was hesitant at first since it's a ring that you can't try on in person but it is above and beyond what I thought. It looks absolutely amazing! It was also a pleasure to work with Dakota. Don't hesitate just get it. You won't be disappointed. I hope to order more pieces in the future.”


Marcio C | New York, USA 

This ring is absolutely beautiful! Dakota is a gifted craftsman and a consummate professional. He was incredibly helpful in answering questions and expediting shipping to me. I ordered two rings from Dakota and my girlfriend loved both of them! Very communicative throughout the entire process. Thanks, Dakota!”


Joey L | Sydney, Australia 

My relationship with my partner feels unique and distinct from others around me. As such, I wanted our engagement rings to reflect this. Having searched the market and only seeing the same, generic options that most people have - I came across this website and spoke with Dakota Deller. 

Dakota is a wonderful person, an artist that puts love into his craft and recognizes the importance of these rings, to those he makes them for. He talked me through a nervous process of finding the right stone and band, he even designed a gold band for me with hammered detail around it which is beautiful.

I proposed to my fiancé with the rings from Dakota whilst on a holiday to South America a few months ago, and we have both been overwhelmed with how special they look and feel ever since. 
I couldn't recommend the experience and the memories more.”


Danna L | California, USA 

I'm obsessed with my new ring! I've had a vision for years now of a pale pink sapphire ring and I have no idea how I got so lucky and stumbled upon Dakota's creations but I couldn't be happier. It's literally my dream ring come true, the shape, the color, the size and the setting!

Dakota is such a genuinely caring person, he answered all my questions with pleasure and patience. When the ring got to my house it was even more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Loved everything about this purchase.”


Juliette L | New York, USA 

The sapphires are amazing! Love the color and the clarity. Sparkle is fantastic and the setting is so gorgeous! Communication was easy. Response time was great and service was amazing. Thank you so much Dakota! Already saving up for my next purchase. Will definitely be back!”


Farah E | Chicago, USA 

I cannot even begin to properly articulate how amazing and talented Dakota is. I have ordered three rings from this beautiful soul who puts his whole heart into these gorgeous creations of art. 

The detail in everything from the packaging, to the cut, to the settings is impeccable. I could talk about Dakota all day. He is THE most lovely person and you will adore his works of art. Only a wonderful soul could create such beauty." 


April D | Toronto, Canada 

Dakota is absolutely the most amazing person ever! He custom made such a GORGEOUS ring for myself and my fiancée. He was incredibly informative about his processes, materials used, as well as his shipping methods. He supplied photos when necessary and even sent a video of the finished ring in different lighting before getting my approval to ship it. His hand written letter was the icing on the cake.

Dakota makes sure to inform you about your shipping progress and follows up after you receive it. He is an extremely genuine person and we will, without any hesitation, be getting our wedding bands made by him. We both highly recommend him. So what are you waiting for? Shoot him a message and get things started!


Jacquelyn K | Wyoming, USA

Ok, I have sooo much to say about my ring from Dakota! It is absolutely the most stunning ring I have ever laid eyes on! It has so much sparkle and such intensity! The color is ridiculously beautiful! The band is so unique and compliments this stone perfectly! Let's talk about Dakota now! He was a complete 'gem' to work with! (See what I did there? Lol!) He communicated with me the entire time! He is such a kind and patient person. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across his work and I feel so very honored to be wearing one of his beautiful, one of a kind creations as my engagement ring! Thank you so very much, Dakota, for everything! You have a new lifelong customer!



Irina S | New York, USA

I absolutely love my ring! The craftsmanship by Dakota is terrific, very high quality. The stone is super sparkly and beautiful band. The ring feels very substantial and expensive. I had great shopping experience; Dakota was simply wonderful, very attentive and courteous. I got my ring resized and shipped very quickly. I will definitely shop for Dakota Deller jewelry again! I am one happy customer.



Kerri J | New York, USA 

I highly, totally and completely recommend Dakota Deller! I now have on my hand a quality piece of art. I ordered my ring and he delivered - everything he said he was going to do, he did...  And exceeded my expectations ten-fold! From the status updates, to the actual product, I am beyond thrilled. I'm pleased to be able to recommend him and his works of art... You can bet I will be ordering again... And I will be referring everyone who compliments my gorgeous ring right to him. And, he's got a charming personality! All this in one shop! The ring speaks for itself and I highly recommend anything this talented man creates!



Terry C | Sydney, Australia

So happy I found Dakota! Looked at many good designers online but was really drawn to Dakota's style. I was looking for an engagement ring so wanted something very special and made with love. From the first of many emails to Dakota I knew I had found someone passionate about their work.Nothing was to much to ask with a caring and knowledgeable attitude. I absolutely loved the ring when it arrived which also came with a heartfelt letter expressing his happiness for us! I look forward to having Dakota making some wedding bands for us in the future and wouldn't hesitate recommending my experience to others. Thank you Dakota.



Steve C | New Jersey, USA

Th ring I purchased from Dakota is stunningly beautiful, and the craftsmanship superb. Even though the photos and videos of the ring shared by Dakota prior to purchase were beautiful, actually holding and seeing the ring in the box is breathtaking. I have never seen a ring sparkle like this one. My highest recommendation of Dakota and his work.



Yvonne R | California, USA

I am in love with my ring. The brilliance and sparkle in the sapphire is blinding. I was so impressed with the designer, Dakota Deller. He emailed me pictures of the rings progression, and a video of the finished ring. It was quickly received and upon arrival was enclosed a beautiful letter from Dakota. You went above and beyond my expectations.



Lily G | Arizona, USA

I bought this ring and all I can say is that it is GORGEOUS and I LOVE it!!! Dakota gives exceptional customer service, everything exceeded my expectations. The ring is beautiful and I love the detail it has, it is a very unique ring. I highly recommend buying from Dakota Deller, you won't regret it and you'll want to keep buying from him.



Mollee M | Colorado, USA

MY RING IS PERFECT!!! My husband gave it to me for Christmas and I'm SO thrilled with it. The ring was beautifully packaged and the personalized note was so sweet! I'll be wearing this ring often and loving it every time I see it. THANK YOU!!!



Carla M | Maryland, USA

What a Amazing experience! Dakota Deller was a true "Gem" to work with. He constructed my gorgeous ring to fit perfectly! He communicated with me personally to continually update me on the progress and then whereabouts when it was on its way. It arrived sooner than I anticipated traveling from New Zealand to the U.S. His craftsmanship along with the quality of his hand cut & hand selected stones is AAA+. I am sooo glad I found his store that I immediately made him my favorite. I will continue to follow his work and I look forward to future purchases!