Jewelry Care

General Care:

The best way to maintain the brilliance and shine of your Dakota Deller jewelry is to wear your jewelry often and always maintain regular cleaning. It is normal for precious metals and gemstones to appear temporarily dull or tarnished over time, especially when exposed to: air, dust, perspiration, chemicals, perfume, cosmetics and other elements in the environment. 

Cleaning Tips: 

Your Dakota Deller jewelry should only be cleaned with jewelry cleaning products that are safe for precious jewelry, or with warm water and clear soap followed by a soft non-abrasive polishing cloth. Always ensure that you remove your jewelry when engaging in physical activities that could potentially damage your jewelry. 

Never expose your jewelry to bleach or strong cleaning products. Always put makeup, cosmetics and perfume on before applying pearls. Never wash pearls with soap or chemicals. It is recommended that you get your jewelry professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. In addition to cleaning, it is also recommended that you get your gemstone jewelry checked at least once a year to ensure that prongs are safe and secure.

Storing Your Jewelry:

Jewelry storage is very important and essential because it ensures proper care. All Dakota Deller jewelry is presented in a branded box, case or pouch. It is highly recommended that you store your jewelry in the original presentation box, or in another suitably lined box or pouch. 
Avoid leaving your jewelry out on any open surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Always ensure that you never mix your jewelry together with other jewelry pieces as this could potentially scratch or damage your jewelry.