Gemstones & Precious Metals

High Quality Gemstones & Pearls:

Only the highest quality genuine cultured gemstones are set in Dakota Deller jewelry, including: sapphires, spinels and Tahitian pearls.
Each gemstone is guaranteed to be visually and internally flawless with exceptional color, clarity and brilliance.

The Hand Cut Difference:

All gemstones in the collection are exclusively hand cut to fit the exact shape, size and style of our jewelry.
Inspiration for the hand faceting comes from: art deco jewels, European antique jewelry, fine jewelry museum archives and time-honored lapidary techniques. 
The result: breathtaking gems that sparkle with intense vibrance and brilliance.

Pearls From Paradise: 

Our Tahitian pearls originate from Tahiti. We travel throughout the beautiful islands of French Polynesia to hand select our special pearls, one by one. Each pearl is selected for size, color and luster. No two are ever the same. 

Premium Precious Metals:

All pieces in the collection are made using only the highest quality sterling silver or gold. We use: 925 sterling silver, 14k gold and 18k gold.