Genuine Cultured Gemstones 

Only the highest quality genuine cultured gemstones are set in Dakota Deller jewelry. All gemstones are guaranteed to be visually and internally flawless with exceptional color, clarity, cut and brilliance. 

Cultured (also referred to as "lab-grown" or "lab-created") gemstones are crystals which are grown in a lab, rather than mined from the earth. They have the same optical, gemological, physical, and chemical properties as a their naturally occurring counterpart. Since they are grown in a controlled environment, they'll have fewer flaws and amazing clarity and color! These sapphires are a deep, vibrant blue, cultured to perfection.

Cultured stones are real gemstones, with all the same gemological properties found in nature. They are not the same as "simulant" or "imitation" gems, which are manmade products which simulate the appearance of, but do not duplicate the properties of the natural gemstone they imitate.

Your cultured sapphire will be equally (if not more) durable, sparkling, and vibrant than a blue sapphire found in nature. Since it is a true sapphire gemstone, it is very valuable -- even more valuable than many naturally occurring sapphires. In addition to being of great value and quality, lab-grown gemstones avoid all environmentally harmful mining.